4 Ideas for Late Night DSU Student Shenanigans

             With Madison being one of the smallest (if not, the smallest) college towns in South Dakota, there is not much to do for late night activities. One has to be crafty and creative in order to have fun in Madison after midnight. Trojan Times has done the thinking for you.

1.) The most obvious one – hit up Classic Corner with your friends.

          What a classic idea. They have all your typical gas station food and drinks. They also carry pizzas, coffees and slushes. They are open 24/7. Get some gas while you are there, and you get a bag of free popcorn. Bonus: They have free Wi-Fi.

2.) Make that trip to IHOP.

           There have been many nights where my friends and I just weren’t satisfied with our own food or Classic food. We would all pile in a car, and make the 50 minute trip to Sioux Falls. IHOP is located right off the 41st Street exit – no need to drive around the entire city of Sioux Falls just to satisfy your late night craving. We come back feeling full and ready for bed.

3.) Drive around Lake Herman or Lake Madison.

Just to get away from campus, you should take a dark trip around the lakes. To get to Lake Herman, just go straight past the hospital, and turn left once you hit the state park. There are many twists and turns in the park, so go slow in the dark. The road will eventually lead you outside of the park again. To make your way around Lake Madison, take Highway 19, and turn left onto 237th St. This road will bring you all across the lake, and eventually lead you back to Highway 34. Bonus: On Lake Madison, you will pass by all of the very nice houses – a nice getaway from a small dorm or apartment.

4.) Play Hide and Go Seek on the DSU campus.

Plenty of structures, nooks and crannies to hide behind and in. The games last a long time, because it takes a while to find everyone. Campus will be quiet and empty, so it is you and your friends’ playground for the night. Hint: The night watchman still checks things. Because of this, please stay off of the fire escapes. You will get in trouble. I may or may not know this from personal experience.


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