4 Things To Do on a DSU Weekend

                The DSU campus is a little quieter and a little emptier. There are actually a few green parking spots in front of the halls open, and the eating line is actually doable to the point where you don’t die waiting in line. Your favorite shower is empty, and so is the 1st floor lounge. The weekend has come to DSU. Here are some things to do on a DSU weekend.


1.) Take full advantage of those waffle irons in the TC.

There have been multiple times when I have wanted a simple waffle, and both irons were taken. Then someone else would get to one before I got to it. I then just resorted to other food. However, on a DSU weekend, you are almost guarunteed to have free reign with those waffle irons. Dare I say it – make yourself TWO waffles. Hint: If you are unsatisfied with the same breakfast at the TC, Second Street Diner is always a classic option.


2.) Play your music a little louder.

Weekends in the dorms are pretty lax. With less people around, there are less people to hear your music. Go ahead, turn it up a little louder. Watch out for that Resident Assistant on duty, though.


3.) Hog the lounge.

Grab a few of your friends, make some popcorn, a computer, and watch movies in one of the floor lounges. Few are bound to claim the lounge for themselves anyway. Even bring some pillows and blankets, and make it a daytime sleepover. If you need snacks, the convenience store is only a few steps away. Bonus: Each lounge has an HDMI cord already provided for you.


4.) Take a long nap.

Utilize the quietness to its full potential. Take a long nap, without fear of being interrupted or woken up by noise or blaring music. Hint: Stick a towel on the bottom of your door to block out light from the hallway.


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