5 Monday Mood Boosters for the Typical DSU Student

Ah, Mondays. The mangler of weekend’s end. The monster of the week’s beginning. The menace that men have groan to loathe. Here are 5 ways your mean Monday can become a little easier. 


1.) Go ahead, get that burger and fries in the TC. 

        It’s Monday. Cut yourself some slack. Take a cheat day, and just get that burger and fries when you swipe your Trojan ID for lunch. It will make your Monday a little more bearable. Hint: Head over to the deli station to top your burger with cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, etc. 


2.) Head to the library to do your homework. 

          If you are finding the dorms are a little too loud, or roommates anime is too loud on the TV and is distracting you, head on down to the Mundt. Everyone uses hushed voices, especially on the top floor. Bonus: Tutors are there almost all day long M-F in case you need help with your homework. 


3.) Actually use your “free” community center membership, and go swimming.

        Although students have access to the community center (paid for in tuition), many under-use this privilege, or do not use it altogether. It seems this is simply because it is not right on campus. Complete with two diving boards, deep end, shallow end, wading area, hot tub and a slide, you and your friends will feel as if you are at a mini pool resort. Bonus: You can use the sauna too. 


4.) Go bowling or catch a new movie. 

       On the west end of town is Cherry Lanes and Madison Movie Theatre. $20 will get you a movie and some bowling. Many forget that these two sources of entertainment are in Madison, as they are not in the center of town, and they are tucked away off the road. However, they have much to offer for a small town. Bonus: Movie tickets are usually $7. On Tuesdays, they are $6. 


5.) Or, if you would like to save money, make some popcorn and rent a free movie from the Mundt library. 

           The movies the Mundt stocks are popular and modern. And, your mom probably sent you popcorn in your college care package. So, what are you waiting for? Bonus: If you have homework, simply put the movie to one side of your screen and your homework on the other. Yes, I do this quite often. 

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