5 Reasons to Attend a DSU Activities Fair

Last Wednesday, January 25th was the once-a-semester event at DSU titled Activities Fair. It is where all campus clubs and organizations get a chance to showcase themselves in an authentic setting — face-to-face. So, here are five reasons YOU should attend the next DSU Activities Fair. 


1.) There WILL be a club that matches your interests. 

       At my first activities fair, four years ago, I remember being overwhelmed by the number of clubs that I was interested and signed up for – how the heck was I going to be able to attend each one’s events and/or meetings? Yet, I was thrilled that a small campus had such a wide array of clubs and organizations to join. I finally narrowed it down to just joining a mere FOUR clubs my first year. 


2.) You get to “meet” the clubs in person. 

         It is one thing to search the clubs on dsu.edu, and find out a little bit of information about them. However, it is an entirely different thing when you get a chance to meet and interact with actual officers and members of the clubs. They stir your interest by giving you a first-hand account of what takes place in their club. 


3.) Free candy, pens, etc. 

        Do you I have to explain this one? Okay, I will in one word: free. 


4.) Chance to win other free stuff! 

        Things such as free pizza, bookstore gift cards, and free T-shirts have been known to be rewarded to those who are brave enough to sign up. Disclaimer: Not all clubs do this. 


5.) Join all the clubs you want to – all in one place. 

      Spending a few minutes signing up to be a part of the clubs that interest you in one setting sure beats emailing multiple club officers and waiting for a reply. 


Check out the photos below of the Activities Fair last Wednesday. © Joel Carmona-Rojas



Members of The Alliance.


Soccer Club


Members of Student Senate


Anime Club.

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