5 Signs It’s Spring at DSU

5 Signs It’s Spring at DSU

Ah, yes, it’s that time of year again. Here are five signs that it’s springtime here at DSU.


1. Bipolar Weather:

You’re thinking a trip to one of the lakes sounds nice one day, and the next it’s snowing, raining, or, let’s be real, probably both.

2. Birds:

It seems like a pretty vague signifier, but just listen the next time you’re heading across campus. I’m not trying to write a poem with my description here, but it’s alive with the songs of many different birds, including the occasional gaggle of geese flying north overhead. We can’t forget the classic signifier of spring, the robin, either.


3. Students are Outside

Speaking of a livelier campus, there’s actually students outside enjoying the weather; when its nice out, that is. No, we’re no longer emerging from our Wi-Fi enabled sanctuaries just to scurry to another class. Appreciating good weather is a lot easier when you haven’t had it in so long.


4. Classes are getting longer…

and duller with every day that passes. Nothing against the professors or what they’re teaching, it’s just been a long semester, and an even longer year which brings us to our final sign.


5. You’re so done with this semester…

that you can barely force yourself to do any of your homework or projects, and have become an expert procrastinator. You’re just ready for summer to be here already. Same, stock photo kid, same.

What other signs have you noticed? Tell us in the comments.

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