5 Things To Do In The Last Month of School

The birds are chirping. The brown and gray are turning into green. Buds are blooming. It is spring at DSU, and you just flipped your calendar to April. You have a month left of school, and you are just itching to be done for the summer. However, here’s five things you should do before your car is packed for home. 


1.) Go to the lakes. 

     You may have seen this suggestion repeated a lot in past Trojan Times articles. However, I cannot stress it enough. You have three glorious lakes within 15 minutes of campus. It is nice out almost every day now. Take a book and a blanket, and head to the water. 


2.) Withdraw from a class if you must. (Tomorrow is the deadline – April 3rd. )

     Please remember that withdrawing from a class should be your last option. If you know you are going to fail the class, better to withdraw now, and have a W on your report card, instead of an F that affects your GPA. The downer – you don’t get your money back. Before withdrawing, try speaking with your professor to see if there is something you can do to do better in the last month of class. 


3.) Don’t let the last month fool you  – stay buckled down until finals end. 

     I teach grades 3-8 all day long. They are getting antsy and squirrely, because it is the end of the year. Five minutes before recess or lunch, they are practically wiggling out of their seats. I think that some students get that way with some of their classes in the last month of school – they are thinking too much about the summer that they neglect their present classes, or being to slough off. Those classes ain’t over ’til you walk out of that last final. 


4.) Sign up for summer classes. 

        Get this done with your advisor before summer starts. Warning – the financial aid for summer classes comes out of your fall financial aid. 


5.) Lock down that summer job. 

       Get ahead of the game, and start looking for your summer job now. This way, you have an edge above other students who may be applying AND you can start working as soon as school gets out. Win win. 

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