5 Things to NOT do Before Finals

1. Over-Partying

Stress relief is great and all, but the last thing you want to have before a final is a hangover. Not being able to think over a massive headache during a test won’t be good on your score. 

2. Cramming

Trying to remember everything you learned the entire semester in one night sadly just doesn’t work like we all want it to. With an overload of information, things will start mixing together, and you may even start forgetting valuable information rather than retaining it .

3. Not Studying

By cramming, you might at least get some answers right, but if you don’t even study at all, you’ll most likely forget everything you covered during the first half of the semester, and probably a good chunk of the second as well.

4. Not Sleeping Enough

Falling asleep during your final might not be the best idea. Some professors grade your participation during other students’ final presentations. If you’re taking a test or presenting yourself, well, the implication there is pretty obvious. Depending on how tired you are, you may end up missing an early final altogether by sleeping right through it.

5. Skipping   

Even worse than falling asleep though, is skipping a final altogether. Even if you didn’t study or stayed up all night trying to get all of the answers for a final in your head, always try. You’re going to at least get some kind of grade which is better than nothing, the final may end up being easier than you thought, and as said above, some professors count participation as part of your grade. 

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