7 Deadly Annoyances of DSU

As you may know, the infamous Seven Deadly Sins are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. These are awful and bad and all that, of course. But we here at DSU have to deal with an additional Seven occurrences that are not quite “sins”, but rather great annoyances. Some might argue, though, that these annoyances affect them more blatantly than the seven deadly sins ever have.

Here are 7 things to avoid doing at DSU if you’re trying to be a pleasant person:

1. Cutting the corner to put away your dishes in the TC

You know the corner. The one that, if you’re on your way to drop off your plate and you walk too close to the wall, 12/10 times you’ll run right into someone. Let’s face it… the person who just came from the dish drop-off has the right-of-way. Think about it like driving: stay in the furthest right lane.

2. Not using the crosswalks 

This is especially true for the crosswalk on Washington Avenue between the TC and Heston; they put the guardrail in for a reason, people. Hardcore Parkour is only cool when Michael Scott does it. 

3. Running the hand dryers in the dorms at night 

Or any time, really. Those things are obnoxious. 

4. Standing right by automatic doors, but not going through them

I understand, you ran into your friend as you were about to walk outside, but you’re moving around as you chat keeps setting off the automatic door and it’s aggravating everyone else around you. 

5. Never taking your laptop charger to class 

Every day, you show up with a dead or close-to-dead laptop. And every day, you ask to use my charger. You’re lucky we all have school-issued laptops with the same charging port. 

6. Using flex at the Marketplace


I’m looking at you, Res Life Staff. You’re holding up the line. 

7. Walking slowly, especially right before a class starts


Aren’t you going to class, too? Won’t you be late as well? And if you’re not worried about it like I am, can you please at least not take up the whole sidewalk? 


Now that you’re aware that you’re doing these things and that they are annoying those around you, you can start taking steps towards being a better DSU attendee. Just make sure those steps are in the crosswalk.


Photos Taken by Hunter DeMeyer