A Cheap Valentine’s Day for Poor College Students

When was the last time you gave a meaningful gift to someone you cared about? Been a while? 

Here are some ways you can give a cheap but meaningful present to someone you admire for Valentine’s day.


1)  The Compliment Box: Decorate a box with hearts and pink/white paper and fill it with colorful paper strips with compliments made for the gift receiver!

Compliments make people happy. This will lighten up their day and show that you think of them more than just one day a year! 


2) The TC Date: Take someone to the Trojan Center and buy them a meal! It’s like a date but only cheaper.

This expresses that you truly care. Who doesn’t like free food?


3) The Smile that Goes for Miles: Did you know that smiles are scientifically proven to be good for you? Give someone you admire the best smile you can and they will most definitely smile back.

Smiles can never be denied.


4) Sneak Paper Attack: When your admirer is not looking, stick a piece of paper on their back with a compliment or a love note. If you really want to get risky, you can also try doing it while they’re looking! Pat them on the back for a “good job”, and you can just attach the paper.


5) Movie Night: Have a quiet night in with a movie and some popcorn. You don’t always need to spend money to have a good time! 

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