A DSU Spring Break


              The Mundt lights are off. The residence halls are quiet. The faculty and staff are basking in the temporary silence. Yes, it is a DSU spring break. Whether you are in the halls, working off campus, on a vacation or just at mom and dad’s – this list is for you. Here are 5 things you must definitely do during a DSU spring break. (Look at those alliteration skills.)


  • Wherever you are, take some time to catch up with mom and/or dad.

                     Whether you are physically with them or not, use this time of relaxation to catch up with mom and dad for a bit. Set aside your technological device and have some really quality time and conversation with them. They might ask you all about what’s going on in your college life, but believe it or not, they are lives are going on, just like yours. Ask them about theirs as well. If you aren’t at home with them, set aside a time to video chat with them or call them up on the phone. I promise they will be flattered. If mom or dad isn’t available, you, of course, can also use this time to catch up with old friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Visit them if you are able. Regardless if you are working a lot or not, spring break week is not meant to be a regular week.


  • Go somewhere – even if it’s in Madison.

               As mentioned above, it is not a regular week. Give yourself a break, and go somewhere. Even if that somewhere is only a few miles away. Some places I suggest in Madison are Walker’s Point and Johnson’s Point, both on Lake Madison. I would also suggest taking a short walk at the Maloney Nature Trail, only a few blocks north of Higbie Hall. This is also prime time to go to a movie in Madison or grab a few friends that stayed as well, and go bowling. If you are able to get out a little farther away, I would suggest Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Brookings or Pipestone, MN.

  • Take some time to just do……nothing.

                    You are constantly tackling the next thing due in your classes. Constantly going to the next club meeting, sporting event or shift at work. Take advantage of no homework or school this week, and literally, do nothing. It may be very hard for some to do this (including myself), and it should only be done in moderation, for fear that all motivation leaves you. Do nothing for a while – it will bring you peace. You have always wanted time to just do nothing – now is your prime chance. The Italians also have a saying for the “sweetness of doing nothing.” La dolce far niente.


  • On the other hand, catch up on some non-school errands.

                  If the demands of school and jobs keeps you from getting basic errands done, then now is a great time to cross some of those off your list, before we are back in the grind next week.


  • Go to the Black Hills.

             Many college students thing they have to travel out of state or out of country to get the full spring break experience. Completely false. Although it still costs money, traveling to the Black Hills is cheaper than a two-way plane ticket.  With the scenery out there, it feels like an entirely different state. The recent nice weather will also push you to hike the many trails out there as well.

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