A Meeting with President Borofsky

Dr. David Borofsky, recently named the 22nd president of DSU, has many jobs to ensure the success of this university. Once such job is to “drive the vision for the university to educate students and help them get the careers they want.” To do that, according to him, he needs to make sure that all the various parts of the University worked together. He then went on to praise Career Services and other offices for the work they do to assist students with reaching their career goals.

Not only is Dr. Borofsky looking to help students with their career goals, he also has several of his own goals that will help with classes and campus life. One such goal is to strengthen the use of technology in classrooms along with the faculty’s ability to use it. One of the many reasons students choose DSU as their preferred university is because of the chance to better learn how to work with computers. It is required for all students to take a few basic computer classes, and the knowledge they take with them can help in a world where such knowledge is greatly demanded.

Another goal Dr. Borofsky mentioned was to get the Madison community involved with campus. Mentioning the new Einstein’s Bagels store on campus, he said that was one of the many ways the community can get involved with campus life. Another way are the plays at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse and other events that occur there throughout the semesters.

If anyone happens to have question they wish to ask Dr. Borofsky, he plans on setting up meetings for faculty, staff, and students to attend sometime starting next semester.

Featured image supplied by Dr. Borofsky

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