Activities Fair: How Clubs Help New Students

Freshman year can be a hard one for many students. You are in a new place with new people. You don’t have your hometown friends and family to be there supporting you. It’s especially hard finding where you fit in when there are so many new people.  We have all been in this situation, but that is why it is great to get involved. There isn’t a better way to learn about all the great clubs and organizations here at Dakota State then through the activity’s fair which happened this past Wednesday, Sept. 6. It is a great way for new students to get involved with their school and community. Here at DSU there are over 48 unique clubs and organizations for students to join. With this many options, a student is bound to find a club they fit in with. For many students, joining clubs isn’t just about making friends, but a way for them to grow and learn about themselves. Joining clubs in school is also a great way to network and learn skills you might not have otherwise. Once you finally find a club you love, it’s almost as if you have found a new family. After talking to Kathy Jenson (pictured above), she let us know that because of the Activity’s Fair and the new clubs she joined freshman year, she was able to meet a lot of great new friends. “It’s great seeing familiar faces everywhere you go on campus, and it’s nice having a home away from home”. Kathy is involved in several clubs here at DSU and loves it. For all of you freshmen or new students here at DSU, go out there and find yourself a club, and you might just find yourself a family. If you missed the Activities Fair, there’s no need to worry. Clubs are always glad to accept new members.

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