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I want to get job on Campus, but I was not granted work study. Is there any way to still get a job on campus?



Dear Unemployed,

Worry not! There are still numerous on campus jobs that exists that you can apply for even if you were not granted work study. It may be harder to apply at this stage of the semester, but when you are aware of the job possibilities you can keep a look out for openings towards the beginning of coming semesters and towards the end of the academic year.

Option #1–Tutor

There are tutors for all kinds of areas of study such as Computer Science/Cyber Ops, Math, English, DAD, and business—as well as General Education of course. This job would especially be for you if you are an education major. Look for notifications around April for openings for next year, as well between fall and spring. You can tutor for the classes that you have already taken. For more information the person to contact would be

Option #2–Student Ambassador

As a Student Ambassador you would get the chance to give tours to prospective students who are interested in DSU. Remember when you in high school trying to figure out where to go to school, with so many variables to weigh? Now you can help students simply by giving a tour, answering questions and just helping people who are in the same situation you once were by telling your story. The role of the Student Ambassador has changed slightly where it focuses on trying to pair you up with prospective students who will be the same major you are. If this sounds like your kind of job the person to contact would be

Option #3–DSU dialer
As a DSU dialer you would help raise money for DSU scholarships by calling alumni, parents, and friends across the country. The DSU Phonathon calls during the fall and spring semesters – Sunday thru Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the DSU Foundation. This would be job to apply for at the beginning of the year. The person to talk to about this job is

Option #4–Dining Services
Dining Services hires students for everything from student managers to catering wait staff to servers, cooks and other positions for places like the Marketplace, Einstein’s Bagels, and the C store as well as catering services. If this interests you then the first point of contact would be

Option #5–Resident Assistant
In order to be a Resident Assistant you will need a GPA of 2.5 or higher, be able to work as team, have lived in a Residence Hall for at least one semester and be able to serve in the Position for 1 full academic year. The time to apply for this one is now! For more information there will be info sessions Monday- Tuesday, February 9-10 in the Regents room. The application is due by February 20, and the interviews will take place at the beginning of March. This position is a great opportunity to build team-building and people skills and looks great on a resume. For more information you can always ask your RA about what their job is like or talk with the RD of your building.

Option #6–The Trojan Times
Last and certainly not least—you can work for the Trojan Times! The Trojan Times hires people with a passion for photography, reporting, creative writing, drawing, and more! They are always looking for more things to include. This is an awesome way to publish your work, express yourself, and share with your fellow classmates. If this sounds like your kind of job, contact the Trojan Times editor

Happy Job Hunting!


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