Advice from Katie: Confused About Your Major/Career Choice?

Katie Miller

What if I am confused about my major/career choice?

Once a student graduates, the pressures of college or a higher stage of education approaches the horizon. Students are expected to have a school selected as well as a major decided. For most people they do not know what they want to do for the rest of their life, so to be required to make a significant decision at such a young age is a difficult feat. Luckily most students take generals in their first and second year; therefore, they have time to decide what major interests them. After generals are completed students need to focus on what classes will suffice for their path. Emphasizing on your strong suit can make your decision picking a major simple; however, students can change their mind throughout their college experience. Students should have a balance of reality as long as where their interests lie. Following your dream should be a priority; yet, you want to be assured that at the end of your college career you will have a job to show for your hard work. Being in a career that satisfies both your hobbies as well as financial needs is a successful job. After all, working for four plus years to maintain a goal should be something to look forward to. More importantly the idea of “doing something for the rest of your life” should be a topic to embrace rather than dread. Enjoy the years of hard work focusing on what you love knowing that what you will be doing will bring you endless joy.

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