Advice from Katie: How to Adapt to the New Dorm Situation

Katie Miller

Petitions have been passed around, Facebook pages were created, and announcements were made concerning the new dorm situation next year. People had adverse responses to the new layout, but, how do you turn a negative situation into a positive one? Regardless of what people do to try and change the system, the choice has been made. Your best choice is to accept the new situation. Go online to the school’s website and check out the Emry and Richardson dorm layout. By following the links, you can read about the kitchens, lounge areas, and laundry rooms. There are also pictures supplied to show you the closet spaces, sizes of the room, and locations of the desks and windows. And if looking online isn’t enough to convince you that the new housing situation isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you, it won’t be too hard to find someone who lives in Richardson or Emry. Ask them if they’ll let you into the dorms so that you can have a one on one tour of the buildings! On housing sheets you are able to write who you want to live with as well as the people you would like to live around. Get together with your friends and fill out the form with one another. By doing that, you can almost ensure that even though you are living in a new dorm, with what can almost be guaranteed to be a new environment, you can be surrounded by people and friends that you are familiar with. All in all, even though moving to a new dorm might seem like a horrible idea, there is always a way to look at the situation in a positive light and make the best out of an inconvenient situation.

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