Animal Art Fundraiser Follow-up

On Monday, Oct 30, Professor and Artist Angela Behrends hosted an art fundraiser for the Almost Home Canine Rescue at the Madison Area Arts Council Brick House. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise $1500 in order to help the Rescue pay for vet bills, care for the animals, and help with the ability to give the animals a place to stay.

Two hours before the fundraiser started, Behrends’ 2D Design class helped set up the Brick House. The class put up postcards, mono-type prints, masks, and even a poem written by Professor John Nelson.

The building was themed for Halloween with snacks, costumes, and music. Because the fundraiser was for the Canine Rescue, there was even a dog there for people to pet.

After the fundraiser was over, Behrends was content with the turnout. “At this moment, I have twenty postcards sold at the sale and three 3-D items that sold, plus some things from the spring that were at the sale.”

Unfortunately, she didn’t reach her goal. “Our total that night is $530.95. It wasn’t the goal, but it’s an improvement of what they had before and something we’ll continue to improve on.”

Sadly, she didn’t realize that a high-school band banquet was happening that night as well, so not as many people came as she had hoped.

Behrends is going to continue to sell items throughout the month and is hoping to be able to reach the goal with what she can sell around the school.

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