Another Round of Humans vs. Zombies Commences

Can you survive a zombie apocalypse? Then sign up for Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) to test that out and see how long you can survive. Yes, it is happening again on the DSU campus. There are no other words for the two weeks of the long awaited game of HvZ. Students of all ages (preferably from this college) are all getting their weapons ready for the arrival of the first Zombie: Patient Zero. It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s a great game that anyone can join. Now, let’s get down to business before the game start and let’s say this is a debriefing on what this game is all about.

What exactly is Humans vs. Zombies?

You don’t have to really know much about this game, except that you play at your own risk. How can you tell that one is playing and the other not? Well, that’s because they’ll wear a bandana. A human will wear a bandana on their arms or legs. On the other hand, a zombie will wear their bandana around their neck or on their head. You can also tell that a person is a human by carrying a Nerf gun throughout classes and across the campus.

How does one sign up?

Throughout the whole week, and perhaps throughout the two days after Easter Break, go to the corners by the Spectrum Lodge, where you will see a white board that has HvZ written on it. It is free for whoever owns a bandana from the last games hosted on this campus.

What? You don’t have a bandana?

Well, that’s no problem as the administrators of the game will give you one for three dollars. You can then use that bandana for future games.

And most importantly: How are we able to play this game?

This game is easy to play. To put it all together as to how everyone sees it, it is like a big game of tag. If you get tagged by the opposite person, there is no going back to being a regular player. Unless some special rules are put in place, but that is less likely that it’ll happen this game. Special missions will be given out daily throughout the two weeks. It can either be finding someone in the Green Mile and bringing them back to the Wall of Honor to securing something important that will be needed toward future games.

So what about it? Think you have a shot on being one of the few survivors of the zombie apocalypse? Then gather your Nerf gun or socks or other legal substances and put it to the test! Sign up now in the TC during the noon hour today (Thursday) and be excited. Once April 3rd hits, that is when the game starts.

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