Assistant Editor: The Tale of Mostafa Haque

Mostafa Haque is a second year Game Design major, a resident assistant in Zimmermann Hall, and a degree holder in the field of Inappropriate Video Game Behavior with a minor in Hardcore Rage Quitting.

Hailing from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, the 2nd least livable [1] (and 7th happiest? [2]) city in the world, Mostafa has previously worked for GamePro Magazine (Bangladesh), UNaB online E-magazine, and, most prestigiously, his mother as the head of  Personal Room Cleanliness at the Haque residence – a post he held for an impressive 45 hours!

Having travelled across four continents and two oceans in his quest to experience the American Dream of eating cheeseburgers with extra cheese, Mostafa now spends his days contemplating the deeper meaning of Cool Ranch Doritos while trudging through the drudgery of having too many games on his Steam account.

 In his spare time, Mostafa enjoys going to classes and doing homework in a timely fashion.

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