Jenna Sorsen

A Brief History of General Beadle

8 months ago / 1 comments

       There is a statue of him in front of Lowry Hall. He was president of and a professor at DSU long ago (then called Madison State Normal School). His ghost supposedly …

5 Things To Do In The Last Month of School

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The birds are chirping. The brown and gray are turning into green. Buds are blooming. It is spring at DSU, and you just flipped your calendar to April. You have a month left of …

5 Things To Do Before You Graduate

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I will be graduating in May. I knew that I had to apply for graduation, but little did I know, there are a lot of bases I have to cover in order to walk …

Donating Blood = Superhero

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                        You are adorned with a red cape. Your physique is flawless, and you have the power to fly. Trouble has hit the …

A DSU Spring Break

9 months ago / 0 comments

                The Mundt lights are off. The residence halls are quiet. The faculty and staff are basking in the temporary silence. Yes, it is a DSU spring break. Whether you are in the …

What to do When You Get Sick in College

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              I have recently been through my first experience with Influenza A. AKA: the flu. “Flu shot” has been written on my to do list for weeks now, …

You Know You Go To DSU When…. #2

9 months ago / 0 comments

All in jest, here are some commonalities that are shared by most, if not all DSU students. Read the first “You Know You Go To DSU When” here: You Know You Go To DSU …

DSU Tutoring: An Underused Resource

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                  On the northwest corner of the DSU campus is a magical, magical place. The Mundt Library sits as a two story castle of sorts, filled …

DSU Close-Ups

9 months ago / 1 comments

The Trojan Times will start posting weekly close-ups of different things at DSU. Can you guess them all? Here is your first one! Comment below if you think you know what this is!