Mostafa Haque

Indian Chef spices up DSU life

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Trojans acquired a taste for the exotic this Tuesday as Sodexo’s International Chef brought a small sampling of the Subcontinent to DSU’s Midwestern palate. Led by Chef Karl Benjamin from India, the Sodexo team pulled …

Can you make a game in 48 hours? Global Game Jam is almost here!

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Get your design cap on Trojans, Global Game Jam is right around the corner! Kicking off this Friday, GGJ is a worldwide events where professionals and amateurs alike band together to celebrate game development …

Back to School

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By Joe Swanson  

Trojan Tips: Seven things to do with your last two days of class

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Step up your note-taking game. This will be the last time you see all your classmates before the finals. Check and make sure you are not missing any notes. Leave no (drop) box empty! …

‘Vault sickness’ overwhelms DSU

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A mysterious bout of ‘sickness’ has seemingly overwhelmed DSU students, preventing them from attending classes. The enigmatic illness, which has been colloquially termed ‘Vault sickness’, so far has been limited to only affecting students …

Prominent Game Designers arrive on DSU campus!

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The number of game designers on campus is set to increase exponentially this weekend, as the workshop on Integrated Design in Gaming kicks off! From visiting game design classes to inspiring aspiring developers over …

Savvy Ways to Save Money as a Student

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Scrounging for coins under the car seats or on the streets. Chasing a dollar blowing in the wind on the sidewalk. Asking for a student discount to every restaurant you go to. Becoming overly …

Trojan Reviews: Scream Queens

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Imagine there is a party going on at a sorority house. There are drunk college kids downstairs dancing and making bad decisions, while there is a freshman pledge in the upstairs bathroom birthing a …

DSU Professor speaks at East Coast Game Conference

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DSU Game Design Professor Jeff Howard will be speaking at the renowned East Coast Game Conference in Raleigh, NC this week. The ECGC, the largest conference of its kind in the East Coast, “provides …

The Trojan Dines: Trolley’s

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Ice cream, candies, puddings and pies: Madison has never been a town particularly well known for its desserts. However, all that is set to change with the introduction of Trolley’s – Lake County’s gift …