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Basketball: An Insider’s Look

As our women’s basketball team wraps up a breakout season, there is so much that our team can look back on with pride. Not only have we earned an overall record of 20-3 this season and maintained a school record 17-game winning streak, but we have also been making noise in the national polls, being awarded a No. 17 national ranking.

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However, past seasons for this team haven’t always been as successful. Two years ago, the Trojans only won a total of 4 games, ending the season with a losing record of 4-25. While many teams would’ve been discouraged by that season and might’ve given up, the Trojans have only used those losses as motivation to get better. As junior team captain Jessi Giles puts it, “When you’ve experienced that much defeat and heartache, it really makes winning that much sweeter. This team has put in a lot of work, and we’re excited that all that hard work is really starting to show.”

When asked why he thinks this team is having success this season, Head Coach David Moe says, “The team this year has done a great job of staying in the moment and focusing on the process of getting better.” Our focus is always on the next game and how we can improve as a team instead of on past mistakes or individual successes. Additionally, Moe explains that this year, “We have shown the discipline to do little things the right way and have really bought into playing FOR each other.” Winning teams play unselfishly as a unit, which has been a consistent value of this team all year, resulting in all of the achievements and success that have come our way so far this year.

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There isn’t much time to celebrate this season’s success yet. Only one regular season game remains, and post-season is creeping in quickly. With the conference and national tournaments on the horizon, it’s even more important for us to stay locked in mentally and focused on finishing the season strong. Coach Moe is keeping the same mentality for the conference tournament as he has had for the entire year. His philosophy is that as long as we play as a team and continue to play the game the right way, no one will be able to stop us. Playing as a team means playing unselfishly, knowing that everything that each one of us does is done for the greater good of the team. Continuing to play together as a team and keeping up our suffocating defensive pressure are crucial to ending this season on a high note.

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As regular season NSAA conference champions, we will get to host the conference tournament at our very own DSU Fieldhouse. These games are scheduled to be played February 23, 25, and 27. I can speak for the entire women’s basketball team when I say that we want you to be there! If I haven’t persuaded you enough, talk to Giles who says, “If you come to our games, you’ll be on your feet more than you’ll be sitting.” Come watch some exciting basketball games and help us win a conference championship.

Photo Credits by Karen Giles