Can DSU Compete with USD and Macklemore?

Yes, we’ll admit it. It’s pretty amazing that the University of South Dakota is going to have a Halloween concert featuring Mackelmore as their main act, the rapper that made thrift shops cool.  Although yes, we get it, it’s great that they were able to pick up such a big name, here at Dakota State University, DSU Live is taking a different approach by have concerts which focus on local artists. So, let us ask you, what’s cooler, paying money to see a rapper that everybody knows, or attending a free concert where you may find some incredible, undiscovered talent from local, underground rappers?

Raptoberfest, hosted by DSU Live, features local artists such as Denham, Elevated Rebellion, and Sap Adams. The concert is this Wednesday, Oct. 4th at 7 P.M. in the TC Underground. Admission is free. All you have to do is show up and enjoy. 

Can’t make it? Stay tuned for a follow-up article after the show to see how it went.


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