Catching that Rhythm

With summer at its end and fall creeping in the door, it is time again for most of us to pursue more scholarly endeavors. Students will soon be falling into the rhythms of college life. Faculty and staff members will checking their schedules trying to catch onto a rhythm of their own. In a short amount of time, the whole DSU campus will be dancing with new life.

As the new editor of The Trojan Times, I intend to feed off of the energy created here on campus. I want to use it to push the boundaries of The Trojan Times. If feathers are not getting ruffled, if laughs are not being had, if people are not feeling inspired or intrigued, I am not doing my job.  The best way for me to do my job this year is by jumping head first into the fire. I’m either going to learn how to dance in the flames or get burned trying.

            Before I get too far ahead of myself or too far out there, I should probably start with some basic facts. My name is Dillon Dwyer and I graduated from Milbank High School in 2010. When I began college, I started out as a Biology Education major. One day, I had and epiphany. All of a sudden it became clear, I decided I was going to get my degree in English for New Media. It has been full speed ahead since and I have never looked back.

            All last summer, I asked myself the same question over and over again. Will I be ready to take command of The Trojan Times?  It took me four months to come to a conclusion. I realized being the editor was not going to be any different from anything else I had ever decided to undertake. I would have to immerse myself in it and take off. It’s all about finding my rhythm.

All the introspective questioning aside, I did have a great summer. I spent a lot of time with family and friends. I took some time off and spent it out in the Black Hills enjoying nature. I found myself getting back to the basics of what makes my heart tick. I did things that fueled my passion and brought me back to the right state of mind for the year ahead.

During the year to come, I look forward to providing the readers of The Trojan Times with a rhythm of everything you expect spiced up with a whole lot more you didn’t. It’s going to be a wild ride for me and I hope a memorable experience for all of you.

One thought on “Catching that Rhythm

  1. Great opening salvo, Dillon. I hope you don’t mind if I sometimes picture you as the human journalistic cannonball.

    Good luck and best wishes as you take on the Trojan Times!

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