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Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Memories

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Donovan 2 Still headed north. Thinking of swinging by Chicago. Brian lives there. At least, he did last time I checked. Maybe he’s moved on. Maybe he’s dead.  Both are possibilities. Anyway, Brian plays …

The Interview: A Movie Made for Friends

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Movies have long struck controversy. Recently, however, the movie that has struck up the most attention has been The Interview. The big project of Seth Rogen, in which he co-directed, wrote and acted, this …

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Shiki-chan

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Messenger 16 Life goes on. I’ve forced myself back into the swing of things, which has actually helped some. Poe didn’t bother coming back. I didn’t bother visiting her either. I’m sure she was …

Video Game University: Song of Storms

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By Chris Leonhardt

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Rotten Eden

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Turtle 15 This is probably about the best point in time to introduce Poe’s notebook.[1] It’s a bit tricky to decipher, as was Donovan’s, but it’s tricky in different ways. Donovan has sloppy handwriting …

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Drinking with Poe

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Messenger 15 I don’t remember the last time I felt so empty. I couldn’t do anything today. I probably had more work to pick up but I didn’t do that. Couldn’t manage to leave …

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Intermission

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From: Tempest[1] To: Eternity Subject: NYTE-141X Eternity, I have some concerns about NYTE-141X. He has been far too inquisitive lately. He has already interviewed several coworkers and even attempted to ask me for one. …

Video Game University: Ice & Fire

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By Chis Leonhardt

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Turtle’s Recap

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Hello again, friends! With a new semester beginning, it is time for Turtle to once again break the fourth wall. Mr. Koerner has been hard at work over the winter break in an attempt …

It’s Alive…and Feelin Good!

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Created by Breanne Butters: Watch it here first folks! Straight from the mind of Breanne Butters comes the first ever Trojan Times animation! We wanted to reach out to potential new audience members in …