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Global Game Jam at DSU

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If you walked the DSU sidewalks this past weekend, it was eerily silent. The air was chill, and seemed to blanket the campus in quiet. That is, until you walked into the Science Center. …

Names and Games Behind Nanocon

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Nanocon is in full swing. However, many students are not even aware of what it really is, including myself. I sought out two student members of the NPC (Nanocon Planning Committee), Rachel Groth and …

Pokémon GO at DSU

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Ever since it came out, the media has been filled with all things Pokémon GO; whether the news be about trespassing, falling off of cliffs, or getting hit by and or crashing cars. This …

Your Guide to Summer Gaming

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This Summer in Gaming By: Keegan Struble Ah, summer, a time to go outside and get some fresh air while experiencing the wonders of nature, or stay inside and play video games. Hopefully, it’s …

Weezer and Panic! at the Disco coming to SD

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Fans of the bands Weezer and or Panic! At The Disco, may have already been overjoyed to discover that both of them are coming to South Dakota on tour this summer. Whether you haven’t …

Money Spent on High School “Memories”: Was it Really Worth It?

3 years ago / 1 comments

That gold and glittery class rings now sits in the dark, collecting dust since you last wore it years ago. The prom dress has succumbed to the same gloomy fate – hundreds of dollars …

Back to School

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By Joe Swanson  

Thrown into the Cold Abyss: Back to School

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You were sitting there in your living room in your warm, fuzzy socks, wrapped in a blanket and cozied up next to the roaring fire place. Classical music sweetens the air, and you are …

New Tricks Release Party at the BrickHouse

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Last Wednesday, April 22, 2015, Publishing for New Media and Sigma Tau Delta held their first ever release party for New Tricks. Snacks and beverages were provided by Sigma Tau Delta and the event …

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Some Time to Think

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Turtle 6 I was a bit nervous meeting with Miss Shiki-chan after reading Mr. Messenger’s account of her instability, but she was fortunately in one of her bubbly moods today. As he wrote, she’s …