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What to Wear for Halloween

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It’s almost Halloween and you still don’t know who or what you’re dressing up as? There’s no need to fear. Here’s a list of ideas on what you could be for Halloween.  1. Rick …

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Check Out at the Mundt Library

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By: Nelofar Sultan 1.) DVDs Be that movies, TV shows or documentaries, DSU library has it all and you can check them out for up to two weeks! Many are modern movies as well. …

School Has Started – Now What?

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By: Nelofar Sultan I love the beginning of a new semester. Every time a semester starts, it is exactly like starting a new chapter of life. You get a fresh start, set new goals, …

Your Guide to Summer Gaming

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This Summer in Gaming By: Keegan Struble Ah, summer, a time to go outside and get some fresh air while experiencing the wonders of nature, or stay inside and play video games. Hopefully, it’s …

Student Singers Shine at Open Mic Night

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Several DSU students gathered Thursday night, April 8, to share their artistic vocal talents. Open Mic night was held in the Underground of the Trojan Center. During this time, students were invited up to …

VGU: April Fools!

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By Chris Leonhardt

‘Vault sickness’ overwhelms DSU

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A mysterious bout of ‘sickness’ has seemingly overwhelmed DSU students, preventing them from attending classes. The enigmatic illness, which has been colloquially termed ‘Vault sickness’, so far has been limited to only affecting students …

Nanocon in photos!

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South Dakota’s biggest gaming convention may have ended for the year. And, just in case  you missed it, here are a collection of photos to show you how it all looked. Vendors, convention goers …

Prominent Game Designers arrive on DSU campus!

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The number of game designers on campus is set to increase exponentially this weekend, as the workshop on Integrated Design in Gaming kicks off! From visiting game design classes to inspiring aspiring developers over …