Celebrating Halloween in College

Halloween in college can be hard, especially if you want to celebrate but you’re not sure how. If you’re trying to figure out how to spend the 31st of October this year, here are some ideas that might help.

  1. You can dress up! It may be outside of your comfort zone to fully dress up and wear a costume to class and whatnot, but you can still wear some festive clothing. If you want something easy to help get you in the spirit a festive or punny t-shirt should do the trick.
  2. Buy Halloween candy the day after Halloween. What’s left is available for a super discounted price and you can eat it all yourself (although you may want to pace yourself a little, if possible).
  3. Get a pumpkin! There are so many places around town to buy pumpkins, and you don’t have to carve one (that’s not the best idea to attempt in the dorms, anyway). You can paint one or even leave it as is. The mini pumpkins are a great way to add some fall-flair to any room.
  4. Play a scary game! Videogames are a popular hobby on this campus, so talk to some of your friends and see if they want to play a spooky game with you. If you can do it with the lights off and see who can go the longest without reacting, it’ll be especially spooky.
  5. Have a movie night! At this point, there are almost endless amounts of Halloween themed movies. You can watch a horror film or one a little less scary, you can invite friends over and watch it in the lounge of your floor or in your room. Just remember to respect quiet hours.
  6. Bake some Halloween cookies! Sunshine and Lewis has cookie dough you could whip up for the holiday. I personally love the shaped sugar cookies that Pillsbury has, but regular chocolate chip would work as well. If you’re wanting to find some recipes to try from scratch, Pinterest is a good place to start.
  7. Help with trick-or-treat in the halls! This is a yearly tradition on campus and kids go through all the halls trick-or-treating. If you’re interested in helping out, talk to your RA or RD. 

Hopefully, some of these suggestions can help brighten your Halloween this year. If nothing else—just eat some candy.