Civillico Juggles Balls and Dangerous Objects

Dan Crisler

Considering the circus tricks Jeff Civillico performed at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on Monday night, it seemed strange that he was not donning a squeaky red nose and a multi-colored wig.

Civillico, an advertised juggler who hosts an act in Las Vegas, showcased tricks that ranged from the standard ball juggling to escaping from a straitjacket while riding a unicycle.  Perhaps his most impressive trick involved riding a unicycle while juggling clubs and topping it off by eating a marshmallow off a knife.

Of course, there is always some form of audience participation at events like these. Various students performed in some trick or another, and each experienced varying levels of success. The audience participation ranged from putting on the straitjacket referenced above to showcasing their individual juggling skills.

Civillico’s final trick involved a simultaneous series of complex motions that included juggling rings on one arm, juggling two balls in the other arm, balancing a plate on a knife with the knife handle in his mouth, all the while balancing himself on a board with a rolling object underneath (not a skateboard, but similar).

For those who missed the show, you can check out the YouTube promotional video for his act below:



Photo by Tiffany Sommer

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