Comedian: Brandon Vestal

On Wednesday, October 22 comedian Brandon Vestal performed in the DSU Underground between 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. A number of DSU students showed up to form a good audience for this Oklahoma born comedian. Brandon Vestal has performed in several venues across the United States and has appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Man Up Stand Up, and Comedy Time TV. Vestal was also crowned “Best of the West” at the Detroit Comedy Festival and was a finalist at the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas. Currently, he is about to release a new CD on the Uproar Entertainment Label.

Brandon is a very up and coming comedian with a lot of talent and many funny experiences to share. During his performance, he used a few of his regularly established routines, many of which can be found through a YouTube search of his name. Proving to be a crowd favorite, one of his regular routines is about his stance on pedestrians in crosswalks. You can find out exactly what he thinks about that type of situation here. Brandon couldn’t win them all though, and some of his routines didn’t mesh well with DSU’s audience, for example his routine about visiting the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee and being the only white guy there. He got a few chuckles, but the audience was mostly silent for that one. Brandon’s improvisation was where he shined. Several of his better routines of the night were improv and dealt with South Dakota, Madison and the campus. Jokes ranged from everything in South Dakota looking haunted, especially the Prostollo bison, to talking about our Trojan statue looking more like an Indian then a Trojan warrior. All in all, the audience got quite a few good laughs and seemed to be having fun on a great night.

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