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Cure Your Winter Fashion Blues

Cortney Slaight

This newest round of snow has given me a serious case of the winter blues. I’m sick of every sweater, coat, scarf, hat, pair of boots, everything in my closet, and ready to pull out my spring and summer wardrobe. While this would be nice, I’m afraid we have at least another month of our winter wardrobes. Here are eight fun ways to spice up your winter clothing:

  1. Bright make-up is a sure fire way to spice up your look overall. Try an orange lipstick to liven things up. Is orange a little too crazy for you? No problem. Try a quieter shade like peach or copper.
  2. We all love our winter sweaters but by this time of year, we’re sick of them. Change things up a little by adding a bold belt to your favorite slouchy sweater.
    A daring belt can make a so-so outfit really pop.
    A daring belt can make a so-so outfit really pop

    Better yet, wear a belt with your favorite jacket. Personally, I love the look of a classic pea coat with a belt cinched around the middle.

  3. Neon touches are a perfect way to add a little color to your outfit. Try neon colored accessories, like a watch or bracelet. You can also wear a neon colored cami underneath your favorite black cardigan or sweater to add just a peak of neon.
  4. Accessorize! It is always said that accessories can make an entire outfit. This is so true. This time of year when you’re so sick of all your clothing, add accessories. Rock that crazy scarf you’ve been too chicken to wear, or layer necklaces and bracelets. Headbands and hats can add a lot to an outfit too.
  5. Whoever said you can’t wear floral patterns in the winter? If you’ve been saving your favorite floral shirts and skirts for the spring, thing again. Just throw a cardigan over your favorite shirt or tights underneath your favorite floral skirt. This is just the sneak peak of spring that you need to get you through the next month or so.

    Floral patterns can still bloom, all winter long.
    Floral patterns can still bloom, all winter-long.
  6. Tights are a Midwestern girl’s best friend. You don’t want to wear pants all winter long. Dig out your favorite skirts and dresses, and grab a pair of neon or lace tights, or even a classic pair of black leggings. There is no reason you can’t rock your minis year round.  Check out the selections at Charlotte Russe here.
  7. Layer! This is a hot trend that keeps you warm too. Play with different textures. Try a ruffle blouse under a cardigan. Mix and match patterns. Try a floral blouse with a striped shirt.
  8. Hardware has been “in” for quite some time now and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Try mixing things up. Rock your favorite studded belts and bracelets with flirty tops and skirts for a feminine punk look.


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