Dakota State Become Road Warriors

By: Jared Chavez


Many were wondering if the Dakota State Trojans could keep their winning streak alive as they headed out to Forest City Iowa to play the Warriors for the second time. The stakes were raised in this rematch as it was now a conference game. It would also be the Trojans first road game since the disappointing loss to Dordt College. The game started as a hard fought defensive battle as Waldorf held the Trojans too only 10 points going into halftime scored by a receiving touchdown from Robert Johnson and a Nick Beherens field goal, while the Dakota State defense held the warriors to only six points.

During the second half despite Waldorf’s best efforts Dakota State showed the Warriors why they were the 20th ranked team buy scoring on their first drive of the second half having Giles completing a 55 yard pass to receiver Preston Nordling, and in the fourth quarter scored twenty-one unanswered points by grinding out the game on the ground with Robert Johnson and Hagan Hines. To top off the scoring fest redshirt freshman Trevor Listman scored on a throw from quarterback Jared Richardson.

The defense allowed just one more touchdown in the third quarter but had three takeaways in the half with two forced fumbles by Thomas Romack and an Andrew Hesse interception to secure the victory in the game’s final seconds.

As the Trojans move into Their bye week they will be getting ready to face Valley City State.

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