DSU Career Fair 2014

Recently, DSU hosted a career fair for students at Dakota State. The fair brought in businesses from all across the Midwest, and even some from across the country. The main goal of the event was to give students an opportunity to establish internships and future careers. While the majority of businesses were looking for students with computer related degrees, there was in total a large number of diverse businesses that attended the fair. Overall, there were many different positions that needed to be filled by the businesses attending. Some of those businesses were long time supporters of DSU, such as Capital Services, the NSA, and Daktronics; though, there were several businesses, attracted by DSU’s strong reputation in the technology world, which came to hire DSU students for the first time, such as Sandia National Laboratories or banks from the Minnesota area. These companies came looking for a variety of different students. Some organizations, like Sandia National were looking for graduate students in science and technology fields, while others advertised that they were looking for business degrees like Sherman Williams, and yet others searched in the creative fields, such as Daktronics. All the companies in attendance were very friendly to students who came to speak with them, such as Capital Services, who has hired several interns from DSU over the years, several of them gaining fulltime employment after their internships. Another great benefit to students attending the fair was the ability to promote themselves through mini interviews with a large number of different employers attending the fair. In all, the career fair provided students with real life experiences in talking to prospective employers and networking. By practicing skills in both of those fields, students only serve to increase their chances for success after college. With an increasing amount of businesses looking at DSU for prospective interns and employees, it seems there will continue to be more chances in the future for students at DSU to connect with businesses in their perspective fields.


Photo Credit: http://www.bctpartners.com/

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