DSU Celebrates 20th Anniversary of New Tricks

Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of New Tricks by picking up the magazine or checking out the newly created New-Tricks.org. New Tricks contains the best literature and art Dakota State University (DSU) students and faculty had to offer every year. While New Tricks has always been available in magazine, New Tricks will be available online for the first time as a special 20th anniversary milestone.

The online format allows greater flexibility in the content New Tricks chooses to showcase. In the past, when New Tricks was only in print, the art and photographs showcased had to be downgraded to black-and-white. New-Tricks.org allows these images to be displayed as they are intended: in full color.

In the past, since New Tricks was limited to the print format, it could not showcase the best in the audio and video fields DSU students had to offer. Now, the students specializing in these fields have a chance to show off their work as the New Tricks website allows their contributions to be displayed through YouTube.

While New Tricks has an online presence this year, those who still like the feel of a magazine can feel secure in knowing that New Tricks will still be available in print. In an effort to appeal to all preferences among our readers, New Tricks will also be available in a PDF format, allowing readers to go without an Internet connection to read New Tricks on their computer.

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  1. Nice job, Dan. Thanks for the plug! We’re happy to be providing students with both an opportunity for publishing and one for sharing with the DSU community and others the good work that people here do. Thanks to everyone who helped!

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