DSU Cheer Squad and Trojan Rhythm!

Cortney Slaight

If you’ve been to one of the home football games this year, perhaps you’ve noticed some changes in the cheerleading squad. Not only has the team grown, but also the girls have a new attitude. The decision was made over the summer to combine the Dakota State Cheerleading squad and the Trojan Rhythm dance team into a dance/cheer squad.

This new team consists of twelve girls. Sophomores, Katie Cook and Kelsey Feltman, are returning cheerleaders. Sophomore, Rachael McMahon is a returner from the dance team. The nine new freshmen are: Danielle Christian, Mollie Cole, Kailey Eidsness, Sadie Fitzke, Courtney Hoff, Jennifer Joldersma, Hailie Moeller, Reeba Thompson, and Racheal Wigton.

While the girls still do many cheers, they are now focusing a lot of their time and energy on dances. Practices are spent choreographing and learning pep band dances and halftime routines.

Advisor, Mandy Parpart is excited about the change. “It’s great to have so many interested, talented girls. We’re young and we have lots of new ideas.”

Captains, Katie Cook and Kelsey Feltman are also happy about the changes. “I like the transformation into a cheer/dance team. It’s a lot more fun and a lot more to do,” says Cook. Feltman adds, “It’s great to have so many girls involved. Having such a variety of personalities makes things fun.”

The new girls are enjoying the experience too. Freshman, Kailey Eidsness says” I really like it! I had no experience but working with so many girls makes it fun and easy to catch on.” Jennifer Joldsma agrees and says, “I didn’t have any experience either. I just wanted to try it. It’s a fun group of girls.”

Now that home football games are done for the season, the girls are starting to focus on the upcoming basketball season. Anyone interested in joining the basketball squad is invited to come to practice either Tuesday, October 25th at 8 pm or Thursday, October 27th at 8 pm.  If you are unable to attend either of those times, but are interested in joining, contact Mandy Parpart.

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