DSU Drag Show

The catwalk is set, the lights are dimmed, the music plays on, and the show has begun. On April 12, the Alliance put on their annual Drag Show in the TC Underground. Kings and Queens from all around campus enter the show, some for the experience and some just for the fun of it.

Vice President and future President of the Alliance, Rachel Groth told us: “We generally do it because it’s fun for the community and we usually do it around the Trans Day of Visibility…I think students who participate gain more appreciation for who they are as people.”

This year, there were five contestants: four Queens and one King, who walked the catwalk. The three Queens featured below performed in front of everyone to be judged and crowned ultimate Drag Queen. Performances included lip syncing and dancing to songs chosen by the contestants.


Little Little Eddie

Voted Best Librarian Real Estate:

Vaughan Hennen, full time librarian and part time drag queen said, “I love everything about drag, I like [Tyrone], if I’m having a bad day, it’s great… I think it’s important to show that the gay community is here in Madison and we are present and the Alliance isn’t going anywhere, and I think it’s important to just have fun.”


Tucker Willy

Voted Miss Charisma:

Ryan Willy said “[The experience] is very thrilling, you get up there and just feed off the crowd and you just keep going, and it’s just so much fun.”


Hexy Gon

Voted Overall Winner:

Logan Blade Smith “The experience on stage is really chill… I wasn’t really nervous, and it was fun. I think dressing up is more of an art form. It’s sort of like letting your inner chick out… it’s really cool.”

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