DSU Hosted the Global Event: Game Jam

Last weekend, Dakota State University hosted their annual
Global Game Jam in the Beacom Center. During this event, groups must
brainstorm, create, and present their games within 48 hours based off a central
theme. This year’s theme is called “home is where the heart is”

Each team is putting their creativity to the max as they
come up ways to interpret what the theme means to them. As many are creating
adventure games, others are creating action and fighter games. Some groups got
extra creative pushed the definition of the word “home” to the limits! Some
examples of the sheer creativity include; a game where hermit crabs fight over sea
shells for the best home, another game is about giving people what they desire
most in a home, there is also a horror game where you sneak into homes and
steal hearts to add to your collection. Every game created during this global
event is more exciting than the last.

One of the participants has this to say, “this was a great
theme as it could be expanded upon without any hard thought and [teams] can make
some funny ideas.”

You can learn more about game jam on their official website:


And you can play locally created games here:


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