DSU Mirage Program 2015: The Future Is Now!

DSU students should expect some heavy technological changes in the fall. According to a source within Heston Hall, DSU has been contracted by NASA to test its new hologram technology. The idea behind this project is that it will benefit both students and teachers who commute to campus. Bernice Anderson, head of the new DSU Mirage program, had this to say, “This is a wonderful opportunity for DSU and its students. We will be at the forefront of some of the most advanced technology in the United States.”

Over the course of the summer, DSU will play host to a number of government contractors, whose job it will be to install the incredibly vast system that will be implemented in buildings all over campus. NASA’s goal is to place the system throughout East Hall, the Kennedy Center, Beadle Hall, the Science Center, the Tunheim Building, and the Karl Mundt Library.  Dan Boswell, head of the NASA Mirage program, quoted that, “We want the Mirage program to be accessible in all of the academic buildings on campus.”

In staying true to our “Technically We’re Better” slogan, DSU seems to heading for some interesting places in late 2015. Little has been revealed about the full capabilities of the new Mirage program, but expectations appear to be very high. A full announcement of the program will be made on April 20, 2015 at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse at 7pm.