DSU Professor speaks at East Coast Game Conference

DSU Game Design Professor Jeff Howard will be speaking at the renowned East Coast Game Conference in Raleigh, NC this week. The ECGC, the largest conference of its kind in the East Coast, “provides video game professionals, academics and industry with an engaging program and opportunities for networking and collaboration.”

Focusing on seven different game design tracks, design, writing, programing, serious games, education, mobile and career, the conference is frequented by a wide range of people with radically different backgrounds in the game design world. Industry Professionals, academics, neophytes and students can all be found walking the halls of the Raleigh Convention Center.

Professor Howard’s keynote speech “discusses the role of implied backstory in enriching story, the power of world-building understood as the collection of subtly interconnected puzzle pieces, and the lateral connections of mythology in contrast to the sequential linkages of plot.”
Spearheading the Narrative Design branch of DSU’s Game Design Program, Dr. Howard’s enthusiasm and passion for all things narrative will definitely leave a positive impact on conference goers at the prestigious event.

With the ECGC rapidly expanding to becoming the heart of video game narrative design, Professor Howard hopes that, in the future, DSU students will be able to accompany him to Raleigh as well.
To know more about the East Coast Game Conference, please visit http://www.ecgconf.com/