DSU’s International Club is a Family for All Students

It can be quite a difficult change for students to leave their families when moving to a university. On top of this is more stress from school work, social life, and financial situations . Of course, these challenges are even more difficult for students pursuing their education internationally. Dakota State University takes great pride in its international students and does its best to keep students here feeling welcome and involved. For Sophomore Charu Joserose, Dakota State University’s International Club was her way of finding her home away from home. “The International Club was a great way for me to meet some of my best friends here on campus. It has kept me busy and got me out of my dorm room. We have picnics, play games, and go on little trips. It is a great way to get yourself involved and really helps you find your family.” It makes a big difference when you finally find your place on a campus, and this is one club that can help you do so. One common misconception about this club is you must be an international student to join. This is false! Anyone can join, which helps make the club even more diverse and special. For all the international students struggling to find their place this year, Charu says, “Take it step by step. It will be very hard at first, and you might get homesick but just keep pushing. Get out of your room and be social. It will help you out a lot.” If anyone has any questions about the international club they can contact DSU’s international programs at 605-256-5267 or at international@dsu.edu. 

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