Egypt Trip

DSU’s Marketing Tour Walks Like Egyptians

Danielle Rowe

The 2010-2011 holiday break created an opportunity of a lifetime that allowed DSU students to expand their international learning horizons.  On December 27, 2010 a small group of excited students stepped into Middle Eastern flare. University Marketing Professor Dr. Deb Coffey led the group of eight along the educational marketing journey that consisted of a ten-day duration, which ventured into a 65-degree winter weather climate.

The group’s first stop was a short duration in Europe at Amsterdam. Then arrived in Cairo, Egypt for three days where the group celebrated New Year’s Eve by watching performances from Tanora and Belly Dancers. While in Cairo the group embarked on a Nile Dinner Cruise, camel & horse rides to the Great Pyramids, shopped at Egyptian markets, visited the Citadel & Muhammad Ali/ Alabaster Mosque, and studied Consumer Behavior Research along with comparing advertisements internationally.

When the start of the New Year began, the tour’s final destination led to Alexandria. Upon arrival, the group stayed at an educational academy called AASTMT. “The best part about the academy was going into the simulation lab where you felt like you were a boat that was shifting, but in reality you were not moving at all,” stated Professor Coffey. During the visit at Alexandria, the group explored multiple museums, zoos, shopping, visited a Media Art Studio, and partook on several business sessions including international marketing and media studies.

Students in Egypt
Longhorn sheep greet the tour group before entering the Egyptian shopping market. Photo courtesy of Anne Wudel.

Throughout the entire journey insight was achieved from cultural business techniques, and enhancement for bargaining abilities when making shopping and souvenir purchases. The students also learned and respected the customs and traditions that are comprised of the Middle Eastern way of life. For example, when women enter into a mosque (a place of worship) they must have scarves covering their face and have long clothing on so there is no skin revealed, said Professor Coffey.

Despite some modifications relating to Middle Eastern lifestyle, this opportunity provided a valuable learning experience. One of the eight individuals that gained a positive outlook on the Egypt Study Tour, included junior marketing major Anne Wudel. “The Egypt Study Tour was such a great experience, anyone who is at all interested in international business should look into going on a trip similar to this one. Between traveling and learning of another country’s culture and customs there is a lot to learn,” stated Wudel about her adventure.

“Overall the trip went very smoothly from the flights to the tours. You know it was a successful trip when you return back to the states with all eight individuals that you originally left with,” humorously remarked Professor Coffey!

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