Enactus: Bringing Lazer Tag and more to DSU

Imagine that you are in a war zone.  Bullets are whizzing by your head. Firing your weapon at an opposing force, you duck for safety.  Your heart is pumping and you’ve never felt so alive!  What is going on?  How did you achieve such a sense of excitement? Thanks to DSU ENACTUS, you can recreate these feelings without joining the army or getting a new video game.

DSU ENACTUS, formerly Students in Free Enterprise, is an international non-profit organization that brings students, teachers, and business leaders together. They are committed to bringing people together through entrepreneurial activities.

About three years ago, DSU ENACTUS was at a leadership conference and for a team building exercises they played laser tag.  The DSU ENACTUS students and faculty had so much fun they decided to bring laser tag back to Madison.  They wanted to give the students of DSU and the people of Madison something fun they could enjoy close to home. 

What makes DSU ENACTUS Lazer Tag stand out is the low cost. Unlike most laser tag companies that charge $250 per hour, ENACTUS charges only $90 an hour. All the money they make then goes to help fund other ENACTUS projects. DSU ENACTUS Lazer Tag can be reserved for birthdays, team building exercises, work or school retreats, or just a fun afternoon with your friends and family.

Along with lazer tag, DSU ENACTUS is also known for selling Trojan cards, the annual Madison Haunted House, and most recently Sheo.  Sheo was recently founded by DSU students and ENACTUS member Aria Nance as a non-profit organization. It works to provide survival kits to people that are homeless, runaway teens, single parents, low-income students, or have recently been released from prison. These survival kits are composed of outsourced materials that are assembled and shipped to different agencies to be distributed to their various clients. 

If you have any questions about how to help DSU ENACTUS or playing laser tag contact Aris Nance at Aris.Nance@mysheo.org or alnance@pluto.dsu.edu.  ENACTUS meets every Thursday in the Regents Room of the Trojan Center at 8pm. 

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