Faculty are People Too: Deb Tech

Deb Tech is from the town of Norfolk in Nebraska and has several interests and hobbies that occupy her time in-between work and family. Deb likes to be outside so most of her hobbies are centered around the outdoors. She enjoys hobbies like cross country skiing, bicycle riding, and collecting gold. Another of Deb’s favorite activities is traveling around the world. She has lived in Spain for around a year and has visited many countries throughout her career. This winter break she plans on bringing a group of students to Peru, you can read more about that trip here. Deb has also been to Egypt, Mexico, and several other countries in South America. You can read about and look at picture of those trips here. Her most recent adventure was this last summer when she took a cruise trip to Alaska. Deb Tech loves to travel and recommends that everyone should try it at least once for the experience. She also has the same feelings about internships as well and strongly recommends taking one.

Deb has had a long and varied career with work in both marketing and teaching. She has worked for several different companies throughout the years, working for marketing teams and being a product manager a few different times. Thanks to her different job experiences, she has been able to travel all around the world and make new friends in just about every country she has visited. She is currently teaching Spanish and marketing classes here at DSU. In the past, she has also taught at a few other universities like at Huron University. Deb is also the internship director here at DSU and as mentioned above she does recommend everyone do an internship because of the valuable experience that can be gained and to get a feel for what they will be doing when they graduate from college.

If you would like to learn more about Deb Tech you can visit her homepage here and check out her presentation here.

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