Giles Timms

Faculty Are People Too: Giles Timms

The library kicked off its new series of presentations called “Faculty are People Too” Wednesday afternoon. The idea of the series is for students to get the chance to learn more about their professors and other key educators here at DSU. The first professor to start of the series was Assistant Professor Giles Timms, who teaches many different animation classes. After some technical difficulties, he began his presentation to around a dozen attendees. It began with him showing some of his more recent animation work, and then an introduction into his childhood in Wales, followed by recap of him moving to Iowa and South Dakota later in life. He also discussed his many inspirations and love for drawing which were all developed as a child.

Giles went on to discuss his journey through many jobs—including dish washing and being an EMT—until he decided to pursue a career in art. His journey as an artist involved self-reflection and experimentation with many different styles, until he found the style that truly reflected his person. The insight into his artistic journey proved interesting, as well as his the insight into his professional career. From gaming studios to video production companies, Giles truly showed the wealth of experience he has obtained. After the presentation, he opened up for questions, and then socialized with the attendees afterwards.

For those who missed the presentation that would like to have seen it, the Karl-Munt Library will be providing a link on their website to the video soon. Future presentations will be on Wednesday afternoons at 4 PM, with Assistant Professor Deb Tech presenting next.

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