Finals Week Study Tips

Finals are less than a week away and some of us are freaking out about tests, projects, and everything in between. So to help our fellow students I have created a list that might improve their final scores.

1. Flashcards

    These can help you with memorization of what the questions and answers will be on the test.

2. Study guide

    If not one provided, you can make this to help with possible parts of the class that you are struggling. This could also be turned into flashcards if a study guide was provided.

3. Review notes that were taken

    This is a bit self-explanatory, but if you didn’t take notes maybe you can find a friend that took them and get a photocopy of them.

4. Study group

    If a couple of people in the class group up with you and discuss each section they struggle with and get tips on how to remember those sections.

5. Get help from the Professor

    The Professors will help you with any questions that you have about the test, they might even give you some hints on what might be on the test.

6. Not do anything to prepare

    Sometimes you are very confident about the test, so why study and gets answers that make you doubt yourself.

7. Crawl into a corner and corner and cry

    You have no idea how you are going to succeed in this test so why try and still fail. Might as well start that process of acceptance in order to lessen that blow off when you fail.

8. Playing video games 

    Clearly playing another match of Fortnight will surely get you that A you need for the final if you win. I mean its been your tenth game today so why stop now.

9. Drinking the day before the final

    This is a surefire way of passing your final. If you show up drunk you might pass…..out. This might have a side effect of throwing up and various changes in behavior.

    Whats the point it’s not like it will be almost half your final grade or something. You’re just gonna sit there for thirty minutes and leave after you finish the test. so it makes better use of your time if you just didn’t go. 

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