Food and Fellowship at the Student Convocation

Nicholas Brosz

The Student Convocation, coming up March 1st, lends much more to students than just a free meal. For those who are attending, it will also allow a glimpse at what Dr. Knowlton has in store for fellow students as we press onward towards our future. “Convocation is a traditional activity within a university to bring the entire campus into a conversation about a specific topic,” Dr. Knowlton told me. “It would be my hope that each time we have a presentation it provides students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to engage each other in discussions about the topics presented.”

In this particular case, that discussion will also include a speech given by Dr. Nancy Moose of the English department. She intends to discuss international travel for students and how she encourages it as an opportunity to try different foods, locations, and cultures and to give everyone a well-rounded and truly memorable educational experience. She hopes that more Dakota State University students will take advantage of the opportunities to study abroad over the summer or engage in student exchange programs.

There are sure to be fun times had at the Student Convocation, and I encourage everyone with an invitation to take DSU up on that offer and participate in the opportunity to have an enjoyable meal with faculty and fellow students alike. Thanks to Dr. Knowlton for making this all possible, although I will reserve my highest praise until I’ve seen what’s on the menu.

One thought on “Food and Fellowship at the Student Convocation

  1. Food, Mr. Brosz? Really? Well, you got me. I fell for it. But I left hungry for food . . . but quite satisfied with the visual feast of travel pictures and stories from Dr. Moose.

    I can’t *wait* to see what you post for April Fools day . . .

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