Global Game Jam 2018

Last weekend, Jan. 26-28, was Global Game Jam, a 48-hour competition in which people come together to create a game that follows an official theme which changes each year. After making a game in the given 48 hours, teams show off their creations in a presentation and/or game showcase. These games range anywhere from digital to physical, table-top based models. This is a great way for DSU’s game design students as well as other students pursuing various degrees to put the skills they’ve learned in classes to the test, and prepare them for a team-based, fast-paced work environment that they may find in future careers. 

The theme of this year’s Game Jam was “transmission”. Tristen Brinkmen, a student at DSU and one of the participants of the competition, spoke of his experience in the event. Even though this was his second time participating, Brinkmen went in full throttle to help with his team’s game, working on the board, mechanics, and the balancing of the game. In the 48 hours, Brinkmen and his team created a board game called Mechin’ it Rain, a 4-player battle royal where the players collect parts across the board to improve their mechs and battle to be the last one standing.

If you’re interested in checking out Mechin’ it Rain and the many other games that DSU students produced, they can all be found on the DSU page of the Global Game Jam website.

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