It wasn’t just the heat that moved in during the past couple of weeks! DSU freshmen, upperclassmen, and transfer students also started their move in processes. Some students were already moved in before everybody else though. Many of those students volunteer as Go! Leaders. Go! Leaders act as guides for the incoming freshmen and transfer students. They assist the new students in getting to know campus.

Go! Leaders always arrive before school starts. The twenty students selected spend their first couple days training at Camp Lakodia. After two days, they are prepared to get everybody else moved in. On move in day, the Go! Leaders welcome new students into the residence halls. They direct the flow of incoming traffic and make sure everything is operating smoothly. After all the students are moved into their dorms, the Go! Leaders have a few activities planned. Before the new student’s parents leave, the Go! Leaders  host an ice-cream social hour. It is the last chance for freshmen to say good-bye to their parents before orientation starts.

All new students are asked to take part in a two day orientation. During the first day, Go! Leaders form groups and hang out with the new students. They spend the afternoon answering questions and doing activities to help new students make friends on campus. At the end of the first day, the Go! Leader host a spaghetti feed! On the second day of orientation, students can take part in a scavenger hunt around town and campus. It’s a great way for new students to get to know Madison. The final activity on the second day is the Trojan Olympics. It is an opportunity for new students to compete in various challenges for a chance to win prizes.

Being a Go! Leader is tougher than it looks, but it is worth it. During that first weekend, everybody has a good time meeting new friends and hanging out with old ones. If becoming a Go! Leader interests you, make sure to apply for a position next year. You might just have a great time!

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