Great Chances for the Graduating Class

As the school year comes to the end, the DSU senate tries to think of things that they can do for the student body. This year, graduating students have the chance to grab a cap and gown for free.

With a graduating class of 195 walking at the ceremony, the chances of winning one of the 100 cap and gown sets are pretty high. So, graduating seniors participating in the drawing have a good chance of grabbing some free swag.

Former Senate President, Hunter Brindley, had this to say, “We should help out the students, so I thought this would be a good idea to do that.” Former Vice president, Nelofar Sultan also mentioned that they hope senates tries to do something like this in the future as well to continue to help the students.

The drawing ended last week on Thursday, so most applicants can expect to hear back soon if they have not already.

The Senate has also recently changed their cabinet for the upcoming school year; if you want more information on the Senate, visit their Facebook page at

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