Halloween Blood Drive Will Help 117 People

Phi Beta Lambda Business Club (PBL) hosted its Halloween Blood Drive for the third year. The event was held on a holiday and the turnout was good—39 people donated blood. These donations can help save 117 people.

The blood is used locally, in the Madison area and Sioux Falls for a variety of reasons and circumstances. Blood transfusions are the most common use of the blood and this is often for someone who may have lost or need excessive amounts of blood. This can be the result of a car accident, surgery, or childbirth. anemia, blood disorders, cancer treatments and a number of other circumstances. Those with an iron deficiency or anemia may receive red blood cells to improve the amount of oxygen in their by increasing hemoglobin and iron levels. There are also platelet transfusions for those unable to make enough platelets due to an illness or chemotherapy. Plasma transfusions are used for those with liver failure, severe infections, and serious burns. 

When asked what the importance of having a blood drive on a college campus was, Lindsey Vogl, coordinator of the blood drive, said, “I think it’s a really easy way for these students to give back to the community.” Because the blood stays local, it is often used to improve or save the lives of those in the same community as the donors. 

Vogl also had some advice for those who may be afraid to donate or haven’t done it before: “Eat a big meal beforehand and make sure your body is strong and ready. It’s going to feel weak after but it does go away by the end of the day. If needles aren’t your thing close your eyes and let the person administering [the blood draw] know that prior too.” 

There will be another blood drive in the spring, but the date has not been determined yet.

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