Hispanic Heritage Month is bright colors.

Photo by Madison Miller

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hola a la lectuores, y beinvenidos a la Trojan Times! For my friends who don’t speak any Spanish, it translates as, “Hello to the readers, and welcome to the Trojan Times!” Before Hispanic Heritage Month began in 1968, it was only Hispanic Heritage week. This week was established under President Johnson’s presidency and was celebrated from September 15th to September 18th. In 1988 President Ronald Raegan expanded the celebration to last for 30 days, going from September 15th to October 15th, according to census.com.

            You might be reading this and thinking, why would an article on Hispanic Heritage month come out the day it ends? Well, my question to you dear readers is, did you even know it was happening?

            Hispanic Heritage month is meant to celebrate the remarkable and monumental contributions to society that Hispanic people and Hispanic culture bring. From art to music, to science, to agriculture, there are thousands of people who have made thousands of discoveries, and yet when it is time to celebrate them, hardly anyone knows about them.

            When President Johnson established Hispanic Heritage week, he stated that everybody should take notice and celebrate accordingly. In larger communities, there are art shows, festivals, and community gatherings. There are even parades in some places. It’s a time to embrace the culture, try new things, and support Hispanic influencers and Hispanic-owned businesses. It is meant to be a time of joy and excitement when the people in the community come together to celebrate!

            So, here’s a small list of easy things you can do to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, not just today or tomorrow, but at any time:

  • Take a dance class (Salsa maybe?)
  • Cook a traditional Latin American dish (I recommend Tostones, they’re simple but delicious!)
  • Watch a Telenovela (Devious Maids, Jane the Virgin, etc.)
  • Listen to some Latin Music!!! (No Se Va- Morat, Si Una Ves- Selena)
  • Support a small Hispanic Business ( El Vaquero in town has some good eats)

If you would like to learn more, I strongly encourage you to do your research on the holiday. If you want to learn about more activities you can do, check out www.oprahdaily.com it explores many different traditions and celebrations in several cultures. Today is the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month, however, there is still an entire day to celebrate, and lifetimes of culture to explore.