Interview: An Overview of Einstein Bros. Bagels

Where did Java City go?
• We transitioned Java City to Einstein Bros Bagels over the summer.

Where else in SD has an Einstein Bros Bagels?
• EBB on the DSU campus will be one of the first three locations to open in the state of SD. Other locations include SDSU in Brookings, NSU in Aberdeen. A 4th will be opening at SDSM&T later this fall.

Why did we switch?
• After market research, we determined the need for a retail location that could provide coffee and specialty drinks as well as a full service food application. Einstein Bros Bagels fulfills all of these requirements for not only the DSU campus, but the Madison community.

Can we still get Javalanches?
• Similar to the Javalanche available at Java City, Einstein Bros Bagels offers Coffee Blenders in Vanilla Hazelnut, Mocha and Caramel

Can we use Meal Plan there?
• Yes! We accept Meal Plan Flex, Trojan Gold, Cash and Credit Cards.

What are the hours of operation?
• Monday-Thursday 7:30am-7pm and Friday 7:30am-5pm

Are there healthy options at Einstein Bros Bagels?
• Yes, we have a menu selection dedicated to Smart Choices that includes Bagel Thin Sandwiches and Smoothies.

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